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Posted on 03/01/2020 11:11 1
1. Jūsų nick žaidime - InVisIble
2. Jūsų vardas - Ayan
3. skype - triwlzgar 21BlackGhost
4. Counter-strike 1.6 patirtis - 8 Years
5. Serveris kurį noretumėte administruoti - Swarm High
6. Kiek jums metų? 15 years old
7. Ar esate ankčiau buvęs(/usi) prižiūrėtoju kituose projektuose? Yes in Csgamers and lamdaprocs i have worked as moderator 2 years 1 year in each website
8. Ar turite Counter-strike 1.6 Steam? No I don't have for the moment
9. Trumpai papasakokite apie save: yeah i love my own server of zp and swarm i like to play football and baseball sometimes i love to study about detective i will be detective in future
10. Kaip suprantate prižiūrėtojo pareigas? Yes as an Active Admin solving problems replying threads helping players banning hackers and do my duty if i have some new stuff here coz, in other website there are not same work every website has its own nature .
I hope this is enough
Posted on 03/01/2020 11:45 2
Atranka nevyksta.
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