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Posted on 09/05/2020 13:08 1
1. Your nick in the game - ShadowRider
2. Your name - AaYan
3. skype - triwlzgar21 blackghost
4. Counter-strike 1.6 experience - 8 years
5. Server you would like to administer - Swarm 3x I am Best in Swarm Easy to catch hacker
6. How old are you? 14
7. Have you previously been a supervisor in other projects? too many and other too
8. Do you have Counter-strike 1.6 on Steam? i had lost it dont mind
9. Tell us briefly about yourself: well i am an teenager and would like to be computer engineer in future and i like to play pranks on other peoples Å ypsosi i can steal pizza if i had too Å ypsosi))
10. How do you understand the responsibilities of a caregiver?
i understand my duties as well taking care is not at all just banning hacker are not supervisor work he has to do his work perfectly mostly solve players problem checking forum and discord be online and ready for work and am willing to help in any case whatever is it!